Kåda Development

Makers of beautiful high performance apps

Ever been frustrated with a sluggish app? Nowadays, many companies need apps for internal use, or to promote their brand. For apps that are only used internally, features are often king and the apps are often anything but delightful to use.

We think all apps should be delightful to use. By utilizing the latest cross platform app development techniques we achieve beautiful apps that you and your users will love.

Our projects


iFiske is Swedens leading service for digital fishing permits. Their apps for iOS and Android has tens of thousands of happy users and are developed by us here at Kåda.

Apart from being great for the anglers, the app also has some useful features for the permit inspectors, allowing them to scan a QR code to see if the permit is valid directly in the app. This even works offline!

GamesDoneQuick (unofficial)

This unofficial app for GamesDoneQuick shows the event schedule and allows you to subscribe for notifications when an event starts. Never miss your favourite runs again!

Malmens Väg

Malmens Väg is a popular snowmobile path in northern Sweden. Their app is used to explore the area around the path and find points of interest such as cabins.